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Freestyle and leisure wing

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Learn safely!

The TAYO is an excellent base for freestyle wing. SAT, Wing Over and other aerobatics work well. The wing is great at Soaring, besides being a real "machine" for Helicopters. The ideal wing to make ones firsts steps in aerobatics.

The FLYFAT Team has therefore started the development of a TAYO freestyle version. TAYO FS has slightly longer lines and new risers dedicated to the practice of this discipline. The wing is also reinforced, and equipped with plastic rods in the leading edge for better resistance with high angles of incidence.



Fabrics Top & Bottom: Porcher Sport Skytex 38

Fabrics Profiles & Tension strap: Porcher Sport Skytex 40

Risers: Mouka Tišnov  

Carabineer: Peguet 

Lines:  Cousin trestec - Liros 


With your glider


-Compression belt

-Manuel on USB key


-Flugsau Brake handles FAT édition (with sticks)

You can customize your colors using our editor. (+ 220CHF / ttc)


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