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A Reliable and Intuitive Wing
Sweet & Responsive


Fabrics for Intrados & Extrados : Porcher Sport Skytex 32 ou 27 depending of the version you choose.

Fabrics for Profiles & Tensionings: Porcher Sport Skytex 32 or 40 Hard Finish

Risers: Mouka Tišnov  or line in dyneema from Liros

Maylons: Peguet 

Lines:  Edelried - Liros 

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TAYO tout terrain_logo cadré.png
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Which use for which weight in-flight  ?

The behaviour of a wing also depends on the total weight in flight We propose three levels of use here :

  • Classique : Evolution in classic field with behaviour near a A or B wing.

  • Dynamique : Higher weight means a more dynamic wing.

  • Expert : the pilot is expert in the field of paragliding and speed flying

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Cuatom colours ?

To access the custom color picker, click below on the version of Tayo 2 you wish to customize.

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TAYO_logo cadré.png
TAYO légère_logo cadré.png

Try it first !

Fill out the trial request form, and we will contact you to organize your trial together.

Place order

Ideally you have tried a demo wing and you are ready to customize your new Tayo 2. So configure your new wing and place an order. Then we will send you a quote for validation.

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TAYO_logo cadré.png
TAYO légère_logo cadré.png

The customizable Wing

This wing is intended for recreational pilots looking for a return to basics - the simplicity of flight - magical moments. In the mountains as on the coasts The TAYO 2 is your ally.


And because each pilot is unique, we offer you a wide choice of customization.


  • Choose between 3 versions : TAYO 2 "standard" - TAYO 2 Light - TAYO 2 All Terrain

  • Choose your risers :  Light - Standard or Standard with trims.

  • Customize your colors.


The Tayo 2 is suited for :

  • Winter flight, with skis or by foot

  • Groundhandling practice

  • Coastal flight and Soaring

  • And for sure in the Mountains.

Some words about the wing design

The profile has been extensively reworked in order to obtain a slightly "high lift" phenomenon while clearly improving the properties in the wind, compared to the Tayo 1. A slight "shark-nose" keeps pressure stable at different angles of incidence. Lift and performance are therefore at the "rendez-vous". The nose reinforcements are equipped with rods. This improves the hold of the profile and thus the performance of the wing.


Selected fabrics at Porcher Sport, along with Edelried and Liros lines, result in a reasonable weight for excellent longevity.


Included with your wing

-Underbag Swiss made

-Compression belt

-Mini windsock Swiss made


TAYO légère_logo cadré.png


Leading Edge : Skytex 32

Extrados : Skytex 27 



Skytex 27

Profiles & Tensionings

Skytex 32 Hard Finish


Leading Edge : Skytex 32

Extrados : Skytex 32 



Skytex 27

Profiles & Tensionings

Skytex 32 Hard Finish


Leading Edge : Skytex 38

Extrados : Skytex 38 



Skytex 32

Profiles & Tensionings

Skytex 40 Hard Finish

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