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Paraglider Freestyle-Wagastyle

The SCELERATE, Pure Freestyle


A freestyle wing, in a pure sens. This wing asks for active and precise piloting, and will return it back in a dynamic and precise style. A wing that every freestyle pilot should try !


Its excellent maneuverability, its precision and its energy gives to the Scélérate a “wagga” style. The “freestyle” pilot can play with his imagination and therefore do some proximity flight, adopt a “wagga” style, or perform some aerobatic maneuvers. Performance is also present, which will allow you to enjoy the thermals with ease.


Fabrics Top & Bottom: Porcher Sport Skytex 38

Fabrics Profiles & Tension strap: Porcher Sport Skytex 40

Risers: Mouka Tišnov  

Carabineer: Peguet 

Lines:  Cousin trestec - Liros 


With your glider:


-Compression belt

-Manuel on USB key

-Mini Windsock (Swiss Made)

-Flugsau Brake handles FAT édition (with sticks)

You can customize your colors using our editor. (+ 220CHF / ttc)


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